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  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology live web cam of a Laysan Albatross nest on Kaua‘i. Click here
  • This livestream of a White Tern chick at ‘Iolani palace has reported the chick has fledged.  But check back again to see if it follows another chick in the future.
  • Wanna play? See an adorable masked booby chick playing throw the stick
  • Nesting albatross
  • Albatross and plastics
  • Yellow crazy ants drive a chick, well, crazy! See why yellow crazy ants are a big problem for ground nesting seabirds and their chicks



  • Visit Sounds Hawaiian to hear vocalizations of seabirds found on O‘ahu (with the exception of the Kermadec petrel)
  • Click below to hear what it sounds like to be in a colony of seabirds. Can you guess what seabirds are calling?

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